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Lily & Oak Promo Video & Engagement

When I first met with Whitney and Alex to talk about a promo video they were wanting for the rebranding of their business Lily & Oak, I knew instantly that we all clicked! It is just the best feeling to sit down with someone for the first time and feel like you all have been friends for years and that is exactly how it was with them! After chatting for awhile, we eventually got kicked out of the coffee shop (because they were closing not because we were being crazy haha) and decided to get some dinner together and keep talking. We went to Driftwood in Lafayette Village (which is beyond amazzzzing if anyone ever is looking for a yummy Southern BBQ Restaurant) and continued chatting about them and what they were wanting for their promo video! When we met, Alex and Whitney were just dating and I left thinking how cute of a couple they are and how I wish Alex would propose to Whitney and let me capture it..maybe during the promo interview we were planning to do 😉 Well, lo and behold the next day I got an email from Alex explaining how he would love to propose to Whitney and have me be a part of it and I was thrilled!! I am not going to get into allll of the details but if you do want to hear the amazingly cute story, that includes bad spray on tans, from their side, check out their blog here, where they wrote allll about it :))  But to give you a super short synopsis..before we really got into the “official” interview questions, Alex got down on one knee and proposed while I got video and pictures of it all! Whitney is a champ and was able to still film this promo video after all of that excitement..I would not have been able to do that because my head would be in the clouds but she is amazzzing! After we were done filming, we had the chance to take some engagement pictures of the two of them and then spent the entire next day shooting the rest of their promo video AND shooting the photography for the styled shoot! I am sooo excited to share with you my very first promo video!

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