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Wedding: Kelly & Mark || Durham Armory

I am at a loss for words! This day…was everything! This day brought me so much happiness. Kelly and Mark are two of the sweetest people I have the joy of knowing (and calling family!) Kelly is actually my husband’s cousin, which made this day so much more special for me to capture. Kelly and Mark got married at Waypoint Church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and then celebrated with all of their friends and family at The Durham Armory in Durham, North Carolina. One of my favorite parts of the day was when I went to take groomsman photos and Mark seriously could NOT stop smiling! He was so giddy and excited. I loved that! This day was full of so many laughs, so many family and friends, and the greatest entrance to a wedding reception I have ever seen. Backflips, dance moves, and loads of confetti was the perfect way to kick off this marriage! Kelly and Mark, thank you both so much for trusting me to capture your best day ever! I loved every second of it! Xo, Krista

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