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Apr 15, 2013


Over the last couple years, social media has become such a major thing that now-a-days you see people that can barely get off their phones. They are on things like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (I personally am a huge fan of Pinterest, it’s my guilty pleasure) Well thanks to Instagram, I was able to meet Mandi! Mandi is another photographer and we have a lot of things in common and have been able to talk about all of those things over multiple dinner and coffee dates. Mandi and I decided that we needed some updated head shots and thought we should do them of each other! So we woke up nice and early one Saturday morning and headed to downtown Pomona and took some pictures. It was a lot of fun; except for feeling like a zombie out in the freezing cold. It was weird being on the opposite side of the camera in the pictures that she took of me. Be sure to check out Mandi’s work at
maandi-1 maandi-2 maandi-3 maandi-4maandi-6 maandi-7 maandi-8 maandi-9 maandi-10 maandi-11 maandi-12 maandi-13 maandi-14 maandi-15 And I sneaked in a little self portrait of myself, compliments of Mandi’s hands holding her phone 🙂maandi-16


"amber made us feel relaxed the entire session and we were just able to enjoy being together and had fun at our session. I am obsessed with what she captured."

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