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Aug 16, 2013


So I have decided to add a new category to my blog about more personal stuff so you guys can get to know me as more than just the girl behind the camera! I wanted to do my first post about the big move and change I just did in my life..moving from Southern California, to Raleigh, North Carolina. Although I have loved being in North Carolina and being out on my own, the move happened right when my photography business was really starting to pick up in California. This made it extra hard to leave but I am hoping with time my business will be able to pick up here in North Carolina. I  still offer my photography services in California and am going home all the time. So if you are not following my facebook page, be sure to so you can see when I come home and we can book a session together! Also, I am offering no extra travel costs if you live in Southern California and would like me to come back to shoot your wedding!

I moved out here to North Carolina at the end of June and my boyfriend, Adam, flew out to California to help me drive my car cross country (and by help I mean he drove the entire time while I sat in the passenger seat). I packed up everything from the last 23 years of my life and packed it in a big rig and shipped it cross country!

I have always wanted to take pictures with every state sign and so Adam was nice enough to let us stop at every sign and take a picture with it. I packed my tripod in the back of the car so we were able to set it up at every state line and snap a couple pictures while getting honked at by alllll the cars passing by but it was definitely worth it! Four days, 10 states, and 2500 miles later, we finally made it to my new home in Raleigh, North Carolina! Here are some of the pictures I snapped during our cross country road trip!
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And this is how North Carolina welcomed me…with a thunder storm! Which I am scared of by the way!nc-16 nc-17


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