Peter Pan Nursery: Baby Boy Beasley

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Feb 24, 2017


I do not do too many personal blog post’s on here and save most of my personal pictures and info for my Instagram BUTTTT I cannot help but share the final product of our nursery for Baby Boy Beasley!! When I first started thinking about his room, I knew I definitely wanted very neutral colors and then from there I drew a blank. I went on Pinterest and was instantly overwhelmed by soon many different ideas and I loved alllll of them but knew that I wanted something that I had not seen a million times already! A quote I kept coming back to was a quote from Peter Pan and it said “Little Boys Should Never Be Sent to Bed, They Always Wake Up A Day Older” and I just absolutely LOVED it and knew I wanted to incorporate that quote some how..and then the more I thought about, the more I thought about how many other Peter Pan quotes there were that I loved and just loved the idea of little boys wanting to stay little boys forever so why not have the entire nursery be a Peter Pan themed nursery?! I looked it up on Pinterest and did not find much at all which was both good and bad. It was nice because I knew that meant that a lot of other people out there were not doing this for their theme but it did made things more difficult because I was not able to find much inspiration! Soooo the hunt to make what I visualized in my head come to life was on!! I will link whatever I can to where I got it from but for now, here is Baby Boy Beasley’s Peter Pan Nursery!!

peter pan themed nursery

I got the amazzzzzzing shelf above from RH Baby & Child and let me tell weighs a TON! The process of putting it up might have involved cutting into our dry wall and putting a new one up due to a failed first time!

peter pan themed nursery

The crib and the dresser are both from Babies’R’Us and I love them! I was not sure if I would like the gray furniture with the gray walls but I do not think it turned out half bad! I actually designed the canvas above his crib and was the very first thing I did and ordered when figuring out his room! And then the teepee is from Target and they are currently on sale!

peter pan themed nursery

I got the Lost Boys Watercolor painting from an Etsy shop, I made the watercolor quote in the middle and then I got the last print from Etsy as well!

peter pan themed nursery

The boat is from Amazon surprisingly and is also relatively cheap and I really like it!! I had the glob custom made from Etsy as well and love how it turned out!!

peter pan themed nursery

I ended up finding some super vintage green books at a local antique store and thought it would work perfect for the nursery!! I then ordered the little boots and hat from two different Etsy stores (I told you I got A LOT from Etsy)!

peter pan themed nursery

The boat print is from the same Etsy shop as the one above the dresser! They paint onto old dictionary pages and it is such a fun, unique look!

peter pan themed nursery

The rug in the middle of the room is from Target and I got it on sale which is always an added bonus!

peter pan themed nursery

And now here are a bunch of pictures of our dog, Rebel, because he is our baby for now and we are very interested how he is going to do when he has a new little baby here in the house with him!!!

peter pan themed nursery

I am officially 32 weeks pregnant which means only 8 more to go!!!!!

peter pan themed nursery

Let me know if anyone has any questions about where I got anything and I hope you like it!!


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