Alice in Wonderland Nursey: Charleigh Fae

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Jul 3, 2019



You know how you have the best intentions and then life happens and then your intentions go out the window?! Well that’s how I feel about blogging Charleigh Fae’s nursery photos! With Braxton, I was SOO on top of it and had his nursery complete by 32 weeks with photos up soon after but with Charleigh, we were moving into our new house at 34 weeks so needless to say, her nursery was NOT done at 32 weeks! As soon as I found out we were having a girl, I already knew exactly what I wanted to do for her nursery and told my husband that since we did Peter Pan for Braxtons nursery (you can see that here), I wanted to continue the Disney theme and do an Alice in Wonderland theme! He immediately said no because when he though of Alice in Wonderland, he though of shrooms and drugs and craziness and I told him not to would NOT be like that (plus I am not good at listening to him when he tells me no..whoops!) So when we found out in August that we were having a little girl, I immediately went out the next week and started buying things for her nursery but then one month later on a wimb, we decided we wanted to sell our house and get a new one with more space and although I was SUPER pumped, I was nervous we might not find a new house in time to bring Charleigh Fae home to since this was mid September when we decided we were going to sell and I was due February 3. Well after a couple months of stress, 3 separate offers on our house, an offer that fell through and a move later, we moved into our new house mid December which gave me the perfect amount of time to do Charleigh’s nursery! When we first toured the house, I walked into her now room and instantly said..yupp…this will be her room since it had THE best natural light (and being a photographer I am obviously ALLL about that)! I started working on her room the week we moved in and within a couple was done! I bought things from anywhere and everywhere and I will try my best to link everything I got at the end (if there is a link that is) and I hope you enjoy Charleigh Fae’s Alice in Wonderland Nursery!!


alice in wonderland nurseryalice in wonderland nursery
alice in wonderland nursery
alice in wonderland nursery
alice in wonderland nursery
alice in wonderland nursery
alice in wonderland nursery
alice in wonderland nursery
alice in wonderland nursery

White TeePee: Amazon
White Rabbit & Flamingo Giant Heads: Etsy
Pink Black Out Curtains: Target
Blush Crib: Jenny Lind
Wooden Name Sign Over Crib: My Signature Timber Etsy
Rug: WayFair
Alice in Wonderland Door Knob: Whimsical Wonderfuls Etsy
Wildflower White Wooden Sign: Framed Decor Etsy
Alice Newspaper Prints: Etsy
Pink Dresser: Unleashed Furniture
Sheets: Carousel Designs
Alice in Wonderland Pillow: Crate & Barrell but is discountinued
Circle Gold Mirror: Target
Pink Shaggy Pouf: Crate & Barrell
Bunny Lamp: Target
Ceiling Light: World Market
Giant Flamingo and Mobile: Little Boo Decor Etsy
Wood Floating Shelf: The Heartland Wood Co Etsy
Hexagon Floating Shelf: Amazon


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