Wedding Venue – What To Look For In Your Venue

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Dec 2, 2019


We all know the wedding planning process can be a stressful (that might be an understatement). So I want to try to take a little stress off by telling you exactly what to look for in your wedding venue!

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1 . Does it accommodate your guest list

Before starting to look for a wedding venue, try to at least get a rough number for your guest list. This way you don’t get stuck cutting your guest list down after you have already booked your venue because there isn’t enough room. Try not to push the limits with space too much. Keep in mind that you will need space for decorations, cake table, dance floor etc.

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2 . Does It fit your style

This one may be obvious but just in case I decided to throw it in! Say you choose a rustic style for all of your decor and details. In this case I probably would not chose an upscale ballroom for your venue. Decide on what style you want before starting your search for the perfect venue for your big day!

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3 . Rain backup plan

If you choose an outdoor ceremony site, you will want a rain back up option just in case. As much as you can hope you don’t get rain on your wedding day, you have to be prepared just in case.

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4 . Natural Light in the bridal suite

There are multiple reasons you will want to have good natural light in the bride suite. One being that you will want the photos with your girls getting ready and your mom helping you into your wedding gown to look beautiful! The other is that you will want your makeup artist to have good natural light to work with. Look for a bridal suite with big windows to let in as much natural light as possible!

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5 . Space for outdoor photos

As much as you should fall in love with the inside of your wedding venue, the space outside is just as important. Being a natural light photographer, most of the photos I take are outside. Look for a location that has plenty of space outside and around the venue to do all of your portraits!

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6 . No time restrictions

Often times venues have a specific time you are allowed to start getting ready or using the space and then a curfew for when you need to leave. You will want to find a place that will allow you to get ready as early as you need so you don’t have to get ready somewhere else and travel there. Also, you will want to be able to party as long as you want at your reception and not rush to get to your send off and get out of there!

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7 . Enough bathrooms

Think about the amount of guests you will be having compared to the amount of bathrooms the venue has. Often times old venues or barn venues can be a little lacking on the number of bathrooms. Make sure to add that to your questions when touring a venue or searching online.

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8 . Enough Parking

Most of the time the venue has enough parking for capacity they set, but this is not always the case. Some venues will have your guests park elsewhere and get shuttled in. This can be an extra cost you will want to factor in that may not be necessary at other venues.

Make sure to read reviews for the venues online and ask questions during your tour! I hope this helps with your wedding venue search!


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