Hi there and welcome! I am Amber, owner and lead photographer of Six Foot Photography, a photography business I started in Southern California, and moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in the summer of 2013 before moving it again in the summer of 2021 to Frederick, Maryland and then finally to Charleston, South Carolina summer of 2022 where it is for good!

I am a six foot tall girl who finally learned to embrace my height a few years ago when I realized it is something that makes me stand out (literally and figuratively). You used to be able to find me on the couch most days binge watching Netflix with my husband and our dog but since our sweet son #BraxtonBeasley was born in April of 2017, life has been a little crazier (for the better) and you will find me chasing him around (or in the drive thru line at Chick-fil-A)!! In January of 2019, we welcomed our  little girl, #charleighfae, into the world and life has been sweeter ever since! And then, just when we thought life could not get any crazier, we welcomed #beauwilsonbeasley in February of 2021! 

I photograph the most amazzzing couples and sweetest families and cannot believe I get to do this for my job!! I married my now husband in March of 2015 and totally understand what brides are going through and what they want in a photographer and try to provide the best experience for every single one of my brides!! I used to not get too emotional at weddings but ever since my kids were born, you can find me tearing up while photographing the mother/son dance..gets me every time!!

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

I am the youngest of 3 girls
I have never broken a bone
I played volleyball in college and miss it sooo much
My favorite meal is banana bread with peanut butter (don’t knock it until you try it)
I LOVE odd numbers and hate even ones..I might have a little OCD about it and would only get married on a completely odd wedding date and can only set my alarm to odd times!

Still here? Let’s connect! Head over to my contact page or email me directly at amber@sixfootphotography.com I cannot wait to hear from you!










they won't stay little forever, but photography makes time stand sill for just a moment